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Toddler Water Shoes

Our Toddler water shoes are unequaled color for pink pineapple! They are size 8-10 and fit a little too tight on an 5 year old's feet, we suggest surrogate size for this type of shoe.

Speedo Baby Water Shoes

The new speedo baby water shoes are just what you need for a little bit of salt and water when you're up for a matter of fact, the shoes are made with a breathable fabric and silicone rubber filling to keep your foot wet but comfortable, along with the usual speedo features like a baby-sized sensor and chuck ink on paper design. These Toddler girls water shoes are sterling alternative for shoppers who are searching for shoes that will help them swim and bike at the same time, they have a strap closure with a purple hearts design, which makes them sensational for girls. These new cat jack Toddler water shoes are valuable size for your little one! They're also an excellent materials and workmanship value, with a durable and sturdy construction, plus, they have an exceptional color surrogate plus, they're an excellent materials and workmanship value, plus, they have a waterproof and durable material. The Toddler water shoes are terrific addition to child's wardrobe, with their pink and rainbow sparkle colors, they are sure to keep your little one stylish and happy. With these water shoes, you can be sure that you are supporting childhood and young life by getting your child the best possible environment.